Is Renting Furniture Worth It? Four Times When Renting Makes Sense

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Is Renting Furniture Worth It? Four Times When Renting Makes Sense

Renting furniture is often the best choice. Learn more about the benefits and the misconceptions when it comes to furniture rental.

Is renting furniture worth it? Yeah, absolutely.

One of the biggest benefits of renting furniture is that you aren’t stuck with it when you no longer want it or need it.

So especially if you’re living someplace short-term or if you’re someone that likes to try new things—rent the furniture.

But what if you end up loving it and you don’t want to get rid of it a few months or a year down the road?

Then don’t.


If you do choose to purchase the furniture at some point down the line, all of the rent payments you’ve already made will be applied to the purchase price. Which, by the way, is never more than the retail price of the furniture.

You really have nothing to lose. 

But let’s talk about some of the situations where renting furniture instead of buying is absolutely the way to go.

#1 You’re Only There For a Few Months

There are times when you may only need to be in your apartment for a few months. Maybe you’re between homes or completing a medical fellowship in another city. Or maybe a relationship ended and you found yourself reeling, needing a place to stay while you get things figured out again.

In situations like these, there’s a good chance you’re going to need everything. Not just a piece of furniture here or there.


In these times, you can rent an entire package of furniture and housewares. It’s so easy!

Just talk to the rental agent and let them know where you’ll be living, and how many bedrooms. That’s it! They will do the rest.

On move-in day, they’ll deliver a whole apartment full of coordinating furniture—including linens, dishes, and even electronics or art if you need them—and they set it all up for you.  They even make the bed and put the dishes away.

Then when it’s time to move out, just schedule a pick-up and they’ll come and get it all. No need to rent a truck. Just throw your personal belongings in a suitcase and you’re ready to move on to your next adventure.

#2 Frequently On The Move

Isn’t it crazy to think how drastically the way we live has changed over the last ten years or so? Until fairly recently, the only people that moved around a lot were military personnel. For the rest of us, buying a home and putting down roots was something we strived for.

That’s not really the case anymore though. With more and more jobs going remote, people have the flexibility to live anywhere. And the younger generations especially, are taking full advantage of that freedom. 

Many are taking the opportunity to experience new places. And embracing that kind of freedom doesn’t work if you’re tied down to a bunch of stuff. 

It is not fun (like at all) to pack up all that stuff in boxes, rent a truck, find enough friends to help load up, sell the furniture you don’t want to move, then buy something new at the next place. It just doesn’t work if you’re doing that every year or so.

That’s why so many are choosing to live more simply. They own less stuff that can tie them down. 

Couple-celebrating-move-smlLess stuff makes it easier to have the freedom to explore. And owning less stuff definitely means owning less furniture.

Sure, you might have a few pieces that you take with you. But it is so much easier to just rent what you need. It is less to deal with at moving time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting damaged during a move. And you get to have exactly what you want in each new home. Nothing more.

#3 Furnishing An Entire Home At Once

Many people find themselves in a situation where they need to furnish an entire home but are starting with very little. 

Furniture is expensive. So what do you do? Do you go into debt financing all the pieces you need? Buy cheaper furniture even though it is lower quality? Those are options. But another—dare I say better—option is to get the furniture you want on subscription.

You can get everything you need without maxing out your credit cards. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality and style. 

If along the way you decide something isn’t quite to your liking, you aren’t stuck with it. But if you love it and want to keep it, just pay it off at some point (never more than retail value, of course) and it is yours.

Dallas July 2021-935-flip

#4 The Luxury of Changing Your Mind

There you are. My people. The “change your mind at the drop of a hat” crowd.

Listen, I like beautiful things. And I love all the latest trends. My grandma bought a sofa once and everyone was marveling at how it was going to last generations. But I’m over here going, ‘why would you do that?”

My husband just doesn’t understand how the tables I bought last year, are just not what I want anymore. But you, my “change your mind” friends… You get me.

Trends are always changing. If you are someone who always wants the latest thing, then rental furniture was made for you. You only keep it as long as you love it, then you trade it in for your next love.

You and your ever-evolving style can update your home with quality pieces as often as you like. Without dropping thousands of dollars each time.

Misconceptions About Renting Furniture 


I was curious what other people thought of rental furniture, so I went out on Reddit to see what they were saying. And boy do some folks have it wrong. Here are some of the more common misconceptions.

Misconception #1. You’ll pay way more than the furniture is actually worth.

This is probably the biggest misconception out there when it comes to rental or subscription furniture. 

To be clear, it is absolutely true if you rent from a rent-to-own store. Their aim is not to rent high-quality furniture. Their purpose is to sell “okay” furniture to people without good credit. And yes, you will usually end up spending more than triple the retail value by the time you actually own it.

But, a true furniture rental or subscription store will never charge more than the retail value—regardless of whether you choose to purchase it at some point or not.

Misconception #2. Someone else has used it and now it is disgusting.

I can see where you’re coming from on this. We tell you to use the furniture as if it is yours—no need to act like you’re visiting the queen. So it could be pretty dirty when you’re done with it.

Well, let me tell you. I’ve seen what happens with the furniture when it comes back from a rental. It is meticulously cleaned with commercial-grade equipment. That means no fold of fabric is left untouched. Not one dog hair and not one crumb are to be found once it has gone through the cleaning process.

If a cushion needs replaced, it is done. And if the piece is stained or has a tear and it can’t be brought back to showroom condition, it is retired to the clearance center after a thorough cleaning.

Misconception #3. Buying the furniture will cost less in the long run.

Okay, fine. Sometimes this is true. But only If you get it on sale. I just can’t say it enough. You will never pay more than retail value for your subscription furniture. Ever.

Renting Furniture Is Totally Worth It

So there you have it. All the many reasons why renting furniture is a great way to go. You may have even turned that question around already wondering, “Is buying furniture worth it?” And to this I say, the jury is out…

Do you want to learn more about how subscription furniture works? Check out some of our other articles. Or just give us a call. We love to answer your questions!


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