Furniture Rental is Easy When You Have Options

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Furniture Rental is Easy When You Have Options

Change can come in an instant. Are you facing a transition in your personal life? Are you graduating from college? Maybe you have accepted a new job….moving to a new city, or staging your house for sale? Whatever the case, just relax, take a deep breath, and embrace this exciting new challenge. When you have a temporary change in living arrangements and need furniture, you can rest assured knowing that Furniture Options is the partner that can help you ease through your changing environment - and we make renting furniture easy.

Furniture Options

Furniture Options offers complete home furnishing packages for people in transition through standard rental, instant purchase, or quick ownership options. Whether you’re full of ideas, or in need of a few, we provide the furniture you need to create the right atmosphere in your home. We will make sure you get exactly what you want, delivered where and when you want, many times within 24 hours.

It’s your home, make it what you want it to be. We are here to make it easy.

Flexible Rental Agreements:

You're not locked into a long term rental agreement when you rent furniture at Furniture Options. You simply agree to a minimum 2 month rental then you can rent on a month to month basis for as many or as few months as you need with no worries.


You choose from a variety of furniture styles, wood finishes, and fabrics - from traditional to contemporary.

Purchase Options:

At the end of your lease you can choose to purchase all or part of your furnishings—or return everything. It's your choice. That way if you want to keep your favorite chair, you can!

Our options go beyond furniture. We provide quality, convenient and flexible service in all of these areas:

Shopping Options:

Visit our showroom, browse our website or just give us a call.

Various Affordable Options:

Choose from our House Select, Lifestyle or Signature collections to find the rental option that meets your style and budget.

Survival Packages:

At Furniture Options we offer more than just furniture we offer the items that make life livable including complete kitchen, bath, and linen packages to simplify your life.

Art and Accessories:

Furniture is fine on its own, but let's face it - a house or apartment really isn't a home without the art on the walls, the lamp on the table, or the rug on the floor - and oh yeah, and the TV and electronics! We offer Housewares & Electronics that will transform your space and make it feel like home.


We will arrange a date and time with you for our experienced delivery crew to deliver and set up your furniture, many times within 24 hours.

Our Guarantee:

Furniture Options will deliver your furniture on the day and at the time promised, or delivery is free. If needed, we will even get it to you within one business day (Monday–Friday). If your furniture doesn’t arrive in showroom condition, we will exchange it within one business day. Guaranteed.

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