Furniture Options Reveals New Look!

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Furniture Options Reveals New Look!

Over the next several months, Furniture Options is going to be seeing some big changes.

We can’t reveal them all right now. Patience! But, here is a glimpse of the direction Furniture Options is headed.

It all begins with a newly designed logo. 

The new logo was created by Karen Cundiff, Marketing and Creative Director for Furniture Options.

When designing our new logo, Cundiff considered how it represents the upcoming changes to our brand. She revealed, “I wanted fonts that hinted at the style and fashion we offer our clients. The new colors and logo are vibrant and approachable, and the ellipsis used in the logo emphasizes all the “options” we currently have and the new options yet to come!”

This is the first time since the company began that the logo has had a complete re-design. 


Looking Back

In 1985, Furniture Options was first opened in Wichita, KS, by Bill Jackson.


It was a fairly new concept at the time. Other furniture rental companies were more or less retail furniture stores using creative financing to attract customers with credit issues. 

But Jackson had a completely different vision in mind. He knew there was a need for quality furniture that could be available on a short-term basis. Some of the biggest clients for Furniture Options have been companies needing to furnish an apartment for short-term rentals, or real estate professionals needing furniture for home staging.

Jackson definitely hit on a big idea. Over the next 35 plus years, Furniture Options grew into a bustling business. We now have locations in 12 cities throughout the central US corridor from Nebraska and Iowa in the north, down to Houston in the south.

Of course, the logo and branding have evolved over the years to change with the times. But until now the changes have been subtle—always keeping a similar look and color scheme.



But big changes to our brand are on the horizon, so it was for a completely reimagined look and feel. 

When conceptualizing the new logo, Cundiff wanted to show off the fashion-forward style of Furniture Options. She explained, “Color will play an integral part in the new Furniture Options identity. The primary palette of dark and light teal colors evokes emotions of calmness, clarity, and renewal. The golden yellow represents charm, confidence, luxury, and friendliness. These colors work together as a high-contract counter-point to each other.”

Cundiff went on to say, “For secondary colors, we’ll introduce a maroon for strength, responsibility, and thoughtfulness, while a dusty rose is associated with fashion, style, and design that adds a note of feminine appeal.”

What’s Coming Next?

Many exciting changes and announcements are coming soon for Furniture Options. 

We are thrilled about the new logo, and a fully redesigned website is also in the making. 

But that’s only the beginning.

The entire business is being turned on its ear, and new, innovative ideas are soon to be announced. 


Keep Watching!

Over the next several months you’ll see the new face of Furniture Options being revealed little by little. It is an exciting time in the evolution of our business, and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

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