How Furniture Options is Fighting COVID-19

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How Furniture Options is Fighting COVID-19

In our 35-year history, we’ve seen it all. Natural disasters, pandemics, economic depressions, you name it. But despite all our experience, even we have had to take unprecedented measures to ensure the safety of our clients and our employee owners.

At Furniture Options, we’ve instituted our Clean Furniture Commitment, an all-encompassing plan to maximize the cleanliness of our furnishings, facilities and our team to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve highlighted our most sweeping measures from our Clean Furniture Commitment to share with you what we’re doing to keep the safety of our clients and team our first priority.

1. Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment

One of the most immediate changes repeat customers will notice is the personal protective equipment issued to every Furniture Options delivery team member. While our team always handles our rental furnishings with care, we’ve provided them with extra protection to reduce the risk of spreading contaminates through the furnishings and into your home.

This PPE reduces the potential risk of cross-contamination between deliveries.

Additionally, our warehouse teams have been provided this equipment to reduce contact with rental furnishings before delivery and after pick up.

We have also taken steps to train our employee owners on the proper use of their PPE and follow CDC guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

2. Daily Health Checks

Daily Health Checks

Furniture Options has taken an important step to reduce the risk of spreading diseases throughout our employees by initiating daily health checks for all Employee Owners, reaching every member of our team, not only those who handle our rental furnishings.

These daily health checks consist of two phases, a temperature check with a contactless thermometer and health questionnaire designed to review any employee owner exhibiting symptoms.

The temperature check consists of a designated team member utilizing a digital thermometer to retrieve the body temperature from the employee owner attempting to enter the facilities. This thermometer is designed to be used without touching the person, making the procedure a contactless process.

The second portion of the health check is a health questionnaire that each employee owner answers daily. This questionnaire includes questions regarding if they have come into contact with anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 among other questions designed to reveal any potential for the team member to have come into contact with an infected person.

If any team member indicates they may have come into contact with a contaminated person or their temperature exceeds the normal range of human body temperatures, they will not be allowed to enter the facility until they can answer the questionnaire to indicate they have not been potentially infected and their temperature is within our normal range.

3. Safe & Clean Vehicles

Safe & Clean Delivery Vehicles

To reduce the risk of carrying contaminates to different locations, our delivery vehicles are deep cleaned several times each day. This process includes wiping down high-touch areas including door handles, steering wheels, and keys with disinfectant wipes designed to remove over 99% of all bacteria on any given surface.

Other surfaces in close proximity to workers are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized as well, including the truck’s:

  • Dashboard
  • Console
  • Storage Compartments
  • Ramp release handles

This process is repeated throughout the day as part of our overall commitment to achieving a higher level of cleanliness in all aspects of our service.

4. Contactless Delivery

Contactless Delivery

One measure we’ve provided prior to the COVID-19 outbreak is our contactless delivery option. This service allows our delivery team to deliver and install your rental furnishings without the homeowner even needing to be home.

Prior to spring 2020, the primary reason we offered this service was for the convenience for customers to go about their day without needing to be home for the delivery. However, this service has taken on a second benefit during the pandemic as it allows our team and customers to avoid coming into contact with each other, drastically reducing the chances of cross-contamination.

This option has become the preferred delivery method for both our team and many of our clients as safety is of the utmost importance to both groups. Our delivery team is required to wear their issued personal protective equipment during contactless deliveries as well to protect the home from potential infectants.

Best of all, contactless delivery has always been provided at no additional cost, so clients can feel secure that they won’t pay any more to choose the delivery option that makes them feel the most comfortable.

To take advantage of contactless delivery, customers can simply let us know that they’d prefer to be out of the home during the delivery. We’ll ask for information on how to enter the home, then we’ll deliver and install your furnishings during the short delivery window so you can enjoy your new rental furnishings without waiting around all day for it to arrive or worrying about walking into an unfurnished temporary home if arriving for the first time.

5. EPA-Approved Products

EPA-Approved Products

During our cleaning processes throughout the day, our employee owners use EPA-approved sanitation products on every warehouse, delivery vehicle, and other facility surfaces including:

  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Decor
  • Storage
  • Floors
  • Doors
  • Handles
  • Light switches
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • Restrooms

By following government guidelines we continue to strive to meet and exceed cleanliness standards to achieve the highest level of safety possible for our team and customers.

6. Fresh Cleaning Supplies

Fresh Cleaning Supplies

To ensure our extensive cleaning procedures maintain their effectiveness every time, our team is equipped with fresh materials for each cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection.

Every delivery team is provided fresh cleaning cloths, as well as sanitized disinfectant bottles and other cleaning agents to reduce the risk of spreading COVID via these cleaning surfaces.

7. Clean Furniture

Clean Furniture

To provide the cleanest possible rental furnishings for our customers, our furniture goes through a significant cleaning procedure before delivery, during installation, and after pick up.

Before Delivery

Before that delivery occurs, the furnishing goes through another step in the cleaning process. The furnishings are unwrapped and receive another cleaning to clear out any unwanted particles that may have settled while being stored.

The furnishings are then loaded into the storage compartment of the cleaned delivery vehicles and are off to be installed in the customer’s home.

During Installation

Once the installation is underway, our delivery team will arrange your furnishings in your home and provide one last cleaning to the products for an added layer of protection against outside contaminants entering your home.

After Pick Up

Whenever our furniture is retrieved at the end of a rental, our team follows a very regimented procedure to ensure the cleanliness of the furniture before it comes into contact with our other rental furnishings.

This procedure includes the cleaning and disinfecting of the items in a dedicated cleaning area separate from the storage of our other products. In this process, the furniture is sprayed down with industrial-grade EPA-approved cleaners and wrapped in plastic to remove chances of direct contact with other products.

The items are then stored to be prepared for the next delivery.

Our Commitment to You

At the end of the day our Clean Furniture Commitment is driven by our dedication to one thing; providing our customers with the cleanest rental furnishings we possibly can in the safest manner possible.

We’re committed to offering only the highest quality in rental furniture and delivering products that can make our clients comfortable both relaxing in and having in their homes. Our Clean Furniture Commitment is designed to hold our team to these lofty standards and make sure we not only meet but exceed even the cleanest person’s expectations.

Have any questions about our Clean Furniture Commitment and what we’re doing to ensure our furniture is as clean as possible? Contact us and a local representative will reach out soon to answer your question.

If you’re ready to rent your rental furnishings from Furniture Options, get started ordering your furniture below.


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